The theme I was going for here is a muse and she is inspiring people to be creative. There's a piano player, a singer and a dancer in the background. This, in a way, represents my creative journey because I started with dance, then that inspired me to learn piano, which inspired me to really learn singing, which led me to art. 

Winter's Daughter

She lives in isolation, in the cold wilderness.  In the quiet icy breeze, you hear a voice on the wind.  She sings as she strolls in the snow, a wolf spirit, strong and alone.

Summer Fairy

You have freed me.

Helped me to see.

The magic that lives deep within.

Not quite me, but otherworldly.

Another entity speaking through me.

Show me the way.

Teach me your lessons.

Give meaning to my every brush stroke.

Help me heal the world.

Where The Angels Are

In the silence.


Paint me a picture

consisting of notes on the wind.


Create beauty

out of thin air.


Take me away.

Angel of Music

This painting represents my song writing process.  It's often unexpected.  It happens when I'm cleaning, doing yardwork, taking a shower, or driving - an idea pops into my head.  Just like it's coming from some outside source, like a muse.

Dance of the Lanterns

My art journey began with dance.  How unexpected is that?  I think it 'awakened' the right side of my brain after it was beaten down by years of schooling (which is def. geared more towards the left side).


Here in the music, I'm at peace. 

This beautiful melody.

Here in the moment, I'm free.

Nordic Forest

Icy northern landsapes,

far as the eye can see.

Lights in the sky, frozen beauty.


I want to run,

to run at top speed,

the wind guiding me,

freedom ahead of me,

chains left behind me.

Force of Nature

Nature sings it's own song.

Calm as a beautiful beach day with a warm breeze or violent as a tornado ripping through the plains.  

It has it's own rhythm, that will carry on long after we are gone. 

Earth Angel

Step into the forest

I'm free

Tall trees towering above me

No on in sight

Quiet beauty

All around me.