Kira Quinn was born in Brooklyn, NY and spent most of her life living on Long Island, NY. She has always loved music and art and started drawing very early in life. Feeling uninspired and discouraged by the mundane routine and social conformity in school, she took a long break from art during her teenage years and ended up completing a degree in Accounting.

After working in the Accounting field for a few years, still feeling that she wasn't reaching her full potential, she decided to pursue a degree in Computer Programming. It was at this time that she also learned to play the piano. This got her back into singing and she started writing music. She then had the desire to draw and paint again. A few years later, she decided to pursue her lifetime passion for art and enrolled in the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program. While enrolled in this program, she found her style and developed the habit of painting every day.

Kira enjoys playing music, yoga and meditation. She also enjoys spending time outdoors and loves wildlife. Her work is inspired by music, dance, the beauty of the world around us and consists of women with dreamy, fantasy or surreal elements, wildlife, and abstracts. Her process begins with inks. Then she gradually adds thin layers of acrylic paint and finishes the paintings with oils. Kira's art has a timeless, poetic quality to it. Her characters invite the viewer into a world of magic and transformation. Through her art, she hopes to inspire others to follow their own passions.

Kira is currently living in Florida. She does commissions and her artwork is a part of private collections throughout the United States.